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  • Doctor of Sciences of state governance, Professor
  • Designed work of science and technology of Ukraine
  • Vice president of the council off National societies of Ukraine
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  • Candidate of sciences of state Governance master of law
  • Member of the European association of international higher education

CEO of Greek Group (India)

Maryna Akram
  • Ukrainian. Resident of India for last 20 years
  • Ukrainian State University of Chemical Dentistry Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Founder of the Association of Ukrainians in India "Svitanok" (in the process of registration, President of the Association.)
  • Member of the Assembly "Ukrainian in the World", Lviv 2019
  • participant and secretary at the 2019 Annual Congress of the Ukrainian World Congress, Berlin Married, 2 children. Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hindi, Urdu

Trusted representative of the Greek Group in India

Tanweer Akram
  • Education - Odessa - language courses, Graduated Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute and Simferopol Medacademy (accredited in India), 1998. Clinical internship 1998-1991 - Safdarjang Hospital (SJ Hospital) is a multifunctional 2,900-bed hospital, the largest central government hospital in India by number of beds associated with Vardman Mahavir Medical College) work and work so far. Family doctor, specialty - Physician, general medicine. He has been awarded the Distinction of a Non-Governmental Organization as the Most Honorable Physician of the District in which he works. He successfully passed the distance qualification exams and received a qualification from Harvard University in Endocrinology and Diabetes (2012). Married, 2 children. Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hindi, Urdu

Representative of Greek Group (India) in Assam

Dr. Abdullah Alfaruque Mazumder
  • Graduated from Ternopil State Medical University in 2011. He continued his studies at the alma mater and completed his clinical residency in therapy (2013). In India, he has successfully passed the MCI Screening Test to confirm his foreign diploma and has completed a clinical internship at ESIC Hospital, Basaydapur, New Delhi. Graced a doctor in Delhi for two years. Successfully passed the APSC Assam public service commission and as a result took the post of Medical Officer (M&HO). Married. He resides in India, Assam with his wife and two children. Fluent in languages (or Speaks languages) Ukrainian, English, Hindi

Representative of Greek Group (India) in Ukraine

Divakar Singh, businessman.
  • He was born in Thane, near Mumbai.
  • He studied at Dnyansadha jounier college, as well as at Dnyansadha degree college, where he earned a bachelor&$39;s degree in chemistry. Worked at the international company Clariant (India) LTD, Head of Logistics. Worked in the transport department of the Indian airline Jet Airways.
  • Married, since 2002, he resides in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine together with his wife and two children. In 2015, together with his wife, Irina Singh, he founded PAM LLC, which provides advisory services to international students. He speaks Ukrainian, English, Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Urdu.