Package For Admission And Studies In Greece


The higher education system of Greece admits admission to universities of foreigners without knowledge of the Greek language, but within a year the applicant must receive a certificate from the National University of Athens named after Kapodistrias or the University. Aristotle in Thessaloniki, or evidence of a minimum level of B2 (C) of the Greek Language Center (Thessaloniki) of knowledge of the Greek language. If during the year such a certificate or certificate is not provided, he loses the right to enroll in a university. Thus, the Greek language can also be learned in Greece (a place at the university is reserved for you for a year), but at the same time, in fact, your education will be longer by a year, which is associated with additional costs for food, accommodation, etc.

Univer Greece, having an agreement with Kiev National University. Tarasa Shevchenko, offers to take Greek courses at the Center for Foreign Languages ??at the Institute of Philology of this university with a certificate of the appropriate level. It should be added that this is the only university in Ukraine that issues European-style certificates. Upon presenting this certificate, you can receive the treasured certificate of knowledge of the Greek language and immediately become a full-fledged student of a Greek university.

  • Groups of listeners are formed on the basis of submitted applications.
  • Classes are held in the classrooms of the relevant departments and at the Institute of Philology.
  • The academic semester is designed for 50 academic hours (classes are conducted according to the traditional communicative-oriented methodology twice a week). Intensive training groups work on a separate schedule.
  • Classes begin after full prepayment for the academic semester

The training course is divided into a basic foreign language course at the A1-B1 level and an advanced foreign language course at the B2-C1 level. The duration of each course is from 1 to 2 years (50 academic hours of each semester).

As already mentioned, after completing the main foreign language course and successfully passing the exam, the student receives a State Certificate of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with an indication of the level of foreign language proficiency in accordance with European recommendations on language education and the number of academic hours attended.

Thus, having decided in advance where you will begin to study the Greek language, you can get a certificate of knowledge of the language without leaving Ukraine and save your money.