Slovak language courses

Studies at Slovak universities are conducted in Slovak. Therefore, knowledge of the language for education in a Slovak university is mandatory.

The Slovak higher education system allows foreigners to enter higher education without knowledge of the Slovak language, but to enter some specialties requires an interview or an exam, which will certify the fluency in Slovak. In order to be able to study without difficulty, we recommend an intensive Slovak language course at Prešov University.

In just 3 weeks you will be fluent in Slovak at a sufficient level for learning.

 What do students receive after completing courses?
  •   communication skills at A1 - B2 level (depends on course type)
  • a certificate of proficiency in the appropriate language
In addition, the course includes:
  • teaching,
  • practical language exercises for teaching cultural reality (lectures: Slovak literature and history, Slovak theater and cinema)
  • excursions to the eastern Slovak region,
  • tourism
  • movie night
  • visiting the theaters,
  • pub quiz
  Within a month you can easily communicate in Slovak and listen to lectures at the university. The cost of the courses is 380 euros. - This is for ukrainians - Slovak and Ukrainian languages are similar.
But for other countries  Slovak language Tuition fee 2 250 € plus  Registration fee: 50 € (non-refundable)