HUSPOL Academy, Hranice, Czech Republic



The Czech Republic is an economically developed country, at a high level here are industry, agriculture, education, etc. In 2004, the Czech Republic joined the European Union.
Higher education in the Czech Republic is the choice of those who want to achieve a lot in life: get a decent job, travel around Europe, have connections around the world.
There are more than 70 universities in the Czech Republic. All of them provide high-quality education and graduate highly professional specialists who are needed in prestigious international companies.

HUSPOL Academy provides high-quality education, and among other things, seeks to collaborate with outstanding personalities, practitioners, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

  • Environmental Management, the second specialization is Cynology.
  • International relations, the second specialization is Security Management.
  • Environment, the second specialization is Zootherapy.