Vinnitsa National Pirogov Medical University, Pirogova, Ukraine



The university has 60 departments, which employs competent scientific and pedagogical staff: 120 doctors of sciences, professors, one academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 17 academicians and seven corresponding members of academies of sciences, more than 700 candidates of sciences, associate professors. Subdivisions: six faculties (two medical, dental, pharmaceutical, training of foreign citizens and postgraduate education); self-supporting preparatory courses; Center for New Information Technologies; research center, which includes 12 research laboratories, including 8 - licensed, experimental clinic (vivarium) of 46 educational centers; 55 clinical bases of the departments. Training of foreign citizens in the areas of "Medicine" and "Pharmacy" is licensed in the amount of 500 people per year.


- Faculty of Postgraduate Education
- Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens
- Faculty of Pharmacy (Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy)
- Dental Faculty (Dentistry)
- Faculty of Medicine No. 1 (General Medicine)
- Faculty of Medicine No. 2 (Pediatrics, Medical Psychology)