Vincent Pol University (WSSP), Lublin, Poland



University of Social Sciences Vincent Fields (WSSP) is a private university located in Lublin, acting on the basis of a decision of the Minister of National Education of July 12, 2000
The university offers full-time and part-time studies at three levels of education: licensed (bachelor), master's and postgraduate. The University of Social Sciences is one of the few in Poland where English classes are taught. Therefore, studying in Poland for a foreign student has many advantages. The university has experienced and highly qualified teachers who studied with prominent academic centers, as well as professionals, practitioners operating in various industries. The university has an expanded ERASMUS card, so students can travel for student exchange, practice during vacations in the countries of the European Union, as well as in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey. During the departure, students receive an additional scholarship.
The University has equipped with modern equipment didactic rooms, laboratories and specialized classrooms that provide students with a high level of practical training and the implementation of scientific goals that are prescribed in the curriculum. Students have at their disposal an assembly hall for 200 people, physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, cosmetics, biomechanics, massage rooms; chemical laboratory; scientific audiences of tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, geography and computer science. In the house of the University there are recreational halls: a gym, gyms for aerobics and gymnastics, gyms for general developmental exercises. Students also have the opportunity to visit the pool and pavilion for sports games.
The university has its own computer network, based on the most modern systems with constant satellite and radio access to the Internet, which can be used anywhere in the university.
To meet the needs of residents of the region and students of the faculty of physiotherapy, in 2010 a modern Academic Center for Physiotherapy was launched. It operates on the basis of a contract with the Polish National Health Foundation (NFZ), is equipped with the latest diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment, acts as a venue for clinical studies and student practice, and is also the basis for scientific research.
Students can use the rich funds of the University Library (more than 20,000 volumes). The university also has a modern gym, fitness rooms, a cozy cafe. Teachers and students are offered parking for more than 120 cars. The University of Social Sciences is located at the crossroads of the city’s main communications. Due to this, students have a convenient access both by means of transport and cars. Therefore, it is worth starting a course of Polish moviaknaishvidshe for admission to college.

Facts and figures:

  • Year of foundation - 2000
  •  Professional staff - about 300 people.
  •  Number of students - 3000 people.
  •  Foreign students - 1200 people.