University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece



One of the most visited ports in Greece, a modern city center with interesting sights and unique opportunities to visit a variety of excursions, Volos is an ideal place for study and relaxation.

It is one of the most important commercial and industrial centers of the region of Magnesia and Thessaly and the third largest trading port of Greece. Volos is conveniently located in central Greece at almost the same distance from the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. It is a vibrant city with a well-developed infrastructure, interesting sights and exciting travel opportunities.

Here, not far from the central promenade, is the main building of Thessaly University. A modern building with a modern design and stained-glass windows, which impresses with its appearance. Another 3 buildings are located in the cities of Larisa, Karditsa and Trikala. All buildings are built in a modern style and will not leave anyone indifferent.

In its infrastructure, the university has auditoriums and lecture halls, offices for employees, computer rooms, student restaurants and cafeterias, workshops, laboratories, libraries, and a medical campus. schools, computer and sports halls, theater. About 7,000 students study here! For visiting students, a daily bus to the university is organized.

The Thessaly University is one of the largest in the country and is active in organizing conferences, exhibitions, major cultural and scientific events, and also has everything necessary for organizing sports events according to international standards.

It is important to note another feature of this university - the Bureau of International Relations (IRO) is located here. It works for all students who are just planning or are ready to go abroad to exchange with other universities. The University of Thessaly has 315 bilateral agreements in the European Union under the ERASMUS program. Outside Europe, has 5 active partnerships in the USA, Mexico and Argentina.

The Bureau of International Relations promotes the academic and educational mobility of students, faculty and administrative staff. It provides information and assistance on research, scholarships, and application procedures for various exchange programs. The Bureau of International Relations and the University are responsible for contracts and cooperation with partners in foreign universities, so that students and parents can not worry about the safety and fulfillment of all obligations on the part of both Greece and the host student parties in any corner of the world.