University of Piraeus, Greece



The port of Piraeus is the largest passenger port in Europe, as well as the third in the world. Piraeus is a center of trade, industry, world shipping, the maritime industry with a network of ports and structures. This is a wonderful city, the movement in which does not stop for a minute!

Here is the University of Economic and Technical Education. It was founded in 1938 under the name “School for Industrial Research.” In 1945 it was renamed the Higher School of Industrial Research and its goal was defined as a systematic, theoretical and practical training for managers. In 1989, the Higher School of Industrial Research was renamed the University of Piraeus.

Science and Achievements:
During it's work, the university proved itself in the global arena. Piraeus University - one of the most reliable universities in Greece!

Here, students not only learn the basics and skills of their specialty, but also reveal leadership abilities and leadership qualities. University teachers teach students to think freely, without any restrictions, to reveal their potential and strive for improvement.

The University of Piraeus is a member of the international programs AIESEC and “PLATON”.

These are international youth non-profit non-political independent organizations, fully managed by students and recent graduates with the goal of revealing and developing the leadership and professional potential of young people to make a positive contribution to society.

Thanks to these programs, students have a unique opportunity to travel around the world, to learn new places and people of different countries and cultures.

In addition to the faculty buildings, there are computer centers, laboratories, service centers, a library, a conference room, an amphitheater, a student restaurant and an alumni support office on its territory.

The University of Piraeus is a reputable educational institution that has for years proven and maintained its title as one of the best universities in Greece