University of Patras, Greece



Patras is a magnificent city lying with the heart of Greece. In size, Patras is third after Athens and Thessaloniki.

The city is an important center of shipping. The main port is the port of Peloponnese. Patras is a very busy campus. It has a huge number of various bars and nightclubs, tourist shops and small shops.

In summer, an art festival takes place here, the events of which unfold in the ancient Roman theater. And in winter, it is in Patras that the best and most beautiful Greek carnivals are held.

Here is one of the best universities in technical, scientific, humanitarian and medical specialties. University of Patra was founded in 1964.

Today it is one of the most famous universities in Greece with a high reputation among the International and European scientific community, which justifies the mission of its creation and the level that it occupies.

The territory of the university is located in the city of Rio (a suburb of Patras), and the area is 4.5 square kilometers. The city of Rio is growing rapidly and developing, and thanks to the busy schedule of city and rail routes, the location of the university is very convenient for calm study and work. On the territory of the university, which has a spectacular view of the bay, wonderful flora and fauna, entailing the possibility of contact with the environment. There are 24 modules here, covering almost the entire spectrum of science, both applied and theoretical.

The university strives to make the study of its students the most comfortable, therefore, in addition to the faculty buildings, some of which are: a sports center, a medical center, a student restaurant, libraries, a theater, an educational and language center, a cultural center, a museum, a small church, and interest societies for foreign guests , animal shelter, employment center, computer rooms and wi-fi throughout the university.

In order to keep students up to date with all the events, UPFM University Radio operates and a weekly newspaper is published. Students are also organized in dance and theater groups.

The University of Patras is an example of quality and care towards its students, and its reputation, deserved for years of honest work, serves students as a guarantee of their demand in the labor market.

Science and Achievements:
Patras University is the third among other Greek universities in the development of student resources, teaching and administrative staff, and the number of departments. In addition, it has established itself in the international community for pioneering research in such fields of basic sciences as healthcare, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology, as well as in the fields of humanities and social sciences, such as dialectology, philosophy, and pedagogy. A number of faculties, laboratories and clinics have been recognized by international committees as centers of excellence.

The international focus of the University of Patras and the growing relationship in the academic European and international environment has become one of its main tasks. Patra University has a multicultural academic staff, which allows students to communicate with professors from around the world. It participates in European educational programs, such as ERASMUS study programs at more than 200 European universities, as well as internship programs at European companies, organizations and industry departments. The university also participates in TEMPUS, JeanMonnetChairs, ERASMUSMUNDUS, which gives students the opportunity to travel and share experiences with foreign universities.