University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece



The University of Macedonia is a relatively new but very dynamic in developing and gaining TOP positions, which has already established its position in Greece, the Balkans and Europe. Extensive research activity is evident, looking at the number of numerous international agreements with organizations related to higher education, bilateral cooperation with universities (universities in Albania, Bulgaria, France, Yugoslavia, USA, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, the Russian Federation), participation in EU funded programs.

It is actively involved in many student exchange and research programs in the Europian Union. In particular, it participates in ERASMUS programs - ECTS, Alfa, ADAPT, Leonardo, Tempus, Med-Campus, Continuing Education Program and JeanMonnet. In addition, every year members of various academic departments and entire departments take part in major educational exhibitions and fairs. It is also a member of:

- European University Accosiation EUA

- Member of EMAS - Green University and OLYMPIA - Summer seminars

- Balkan Universities Commonwealth (  Balkan Universities Network (BUN) )

During its existence, the University has established itself as one of the best universities in Greece, which confirms its popularity among students and the demand for highly qualified specialists, which it graduates. The number of students currently studying here is 10,000.

After completing bachelor's programs, students have the opportunity to continue studying for a master's degree in the following areas :

  • Master of Economics
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Information Systems
  • Master of Applied Informatics