University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece



Athens University of Economics and Business - University of Athens, founded in 1920. The main building is located on Patision Street. This is the most prestigious institution of economic education and the third among the oldest universities in the country. According to the QS World University Rankings rating, in 2013 the University entered the top 200 best universities in the world by specialization.

On the territory of the University, in addition to the main buildings, there are a restaurant, a cafeteria, a department of medical care, dormitories, a gym, a teacher’s university and a commercial academy. A multimedia mobile laboratory, libraries, large lecture halls and computer rooms, cozy halls with free Internet, friendly students and teachers - everything has to study!

The University’s active work in world scientific research brought him considerable fame and popularity both in Greece and abroad.

Athens University of Economics and Business was the first state university in Greece to achieve quality development in accordance with the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM and received an award of world importance for the pursuit of excellence.

The University is a member of the European University Accosiation (EUA). In February 2013, the University supported The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).This is a modern global association of business schools and universities around the world to adapt educational programs, scientific research, teaching methods and learning strategies. In March 2013, the University of Athens became a member of the Unification of Universities within the framework of the UN program.

In addition to scientific activities, the University is also a member of the ERASMUS program - a non-profit program of the European Union for the exchange of students and teachers. The program provides an opportunity to study, internship or teach in another country participating in the program.