University of Central Greece, Lamia, Greece



The city of Lamia is the capital of Fthiotis and the center of a large agricultural region. It is located 180 kilometers northwest of Athens. The area in which this Greek city is located is very picturesque. Lamia is surrounded by rather high mountains, most of which are covered with dense forest, and in its vicinity there are many small rivers and streams. You will find many interesting sights in it, and in the vicinity there is a beautiful national park.

Here is the University of Central Greece - Lamia State University. The first student enrollment took place in 2004 at the Faculty of Informatics, and in 2005 the Faculty of Economic Development of the region was opened. The university has two campuses in Lamia and in Levadia.

Levadia is a beautiful town located 130 km north of Athens. To the east and southeast of the city is the Parnassus massif. The city is saturated with the spirit of myths and legends. It was here that the national hero of Greece, the pirate and colonel of the Russian army, Lambros Katsonis was born.

The University of Central Greece takes care of the comfort of its students. On the territory, in addition to the main building, there are student cafes and a dining room, computer classes, a sports and medical center, an online student support center, libraries, a small park, large lecture halls and auditoriums with multimedia projectors.
The University actively participates in international exhibitions and scientific congresses, holds conferences with the best scientists of Greece and Europe, and also develops projects of national importance in the field of information technology, and also makes a significant contribution to the development of the region.

As part of its educational and cultural work, sports competitions, concerts, as well as competitions in specialties among students are held at the University. The goal of the University is to teach its students to think more broadly, to make leadership decisions, to develop the qualities of competitive professionals in their field, who are in demand not only in Greece and Europe, but throughout the world.