Theological Institute of Tourism of Thessaloniki, Greece



Institute of Technology Tourism of Thessaloniki was founded in 1983. It is the second largest technological institute in Greece. The Institute offers high-quality programs that help students think in an original and new way. Students work and study together with practical scientists who are experts in their field. Teachers practice with students to familiarize themselves with the best approaches in order to provide a better understanding of the chosen field of study.

The Institute of Technology holds a high position in terms of the quality of education, and also has a high rating among universities in the world.

He constantly updates his informational and educational resources, information in libraries and a computer center, develops multilateral communications and contacts with many Greek tourism enterprises through student internships, participates in the international tourism exhibition "Hospitality", and also works with foreign organizations in European programs, such like: "ERASMUS", "COMETT;", "TEMPUS", "LEONARDO", "MED-CAMPUS".