Technological Institute of Tourism of Piraeus, Greece



Piraeus is the main port city in the Athens area, where there are many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is always noisy and crowded. The port of Piraeus receives about 20 million passengers a year. It is the largest passenger port in Europe and one of the largest ports in the world.

Here, in the city center, is the Technological Institute of Tourism. It prepares the leaders of tourism enterprises who think broadly and in a new way. The introduction of new technologies and innovative knowledge allows the Institute to graduate some of the best professionals in the field of tourism!

The educational programs of the Institute correspond to European-style programs, which opens up a new approach for students to create a business and work in the service sector. The Institute devotes a lot of time to foreign languages, humanities, economics and legal sciences. Thanks to this, it's graduates are worthy candidates for work in the best companies in Europe and the world.

The University in every possible way contributes to the development of the potential of its students by conducting international conferences and seminars, and participating in programs funded by the European Union.

In addition, students have the opportunity to take a course of study or continue it at the tourist and management universities of Europe under the ERASMUS program, of which the Piraeus TEI is a member.