Technological Institute of Tourism of Larissa, Greece



Larisa is an ancient city, the fifth largest city in Greece, the capital of the same ancient Greek region of Thessaly, which today, in the 21st century, is a large modern city, a commercial and industrial center that combines at the same time the features of one of the oldest cities peace and ultramodern motives. Larisa is located 350 km from Athens and 154 km from Thessaloniki, in the northern part of the plain, surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges. The city has preserved beautiful old mansions surrounded by greenery.

In the center of the city is the Technological Institute of Tourism. It's first departments were opened in 1983. This is a modern Institute, which attracts many students and graduates highly qualified specialists in demand both in Greece and throughout Europe.

The institute is actively involved in the EU-funded SOCRATES program and is also a member of the Erasmus University Charter program. ERASMUS offers students who have successfully completed their first year of study the opportunity to spend part of their education (from three to twelve months) at a partner university in another European country.

The TEI infrastructure covers: faculty buildings, a student restaurant, an office for international relations, libraries, a student support office, a technology center, computer classes and an internship center.