Poltava Medical Dental Institute, Ukraine



The Academy began its activities in 1921 with the odontological faculty of the Kharkov Medical Academy. In 1967, the institute was transferred to the city of Poltava and renamed the Poltava Medical Dental Institute. In 1994, the Poltava Medical Dental Institute received the highest IV level of accreditation and the status of the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. In 2004, the IV accreditation level was confirmed.
Now more than 3.5 thousand students are studying at the academy, of which about 1 thousand are foreigners from 40 countries of the world. The scientific potential of UMSA is 84 doctors of sciences, 352 candidates of sciences, 74 professors, 177 associate professors, 2 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 6 honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 4 honored doctors of Ukraine.
From 1999 to 2010, the Academy issued more than 700 teaching aids of various scientific subjects. Only in the last year 106 patents of Ukraine and Russia have been received. Seven scientific schools have been formed and operate: operational surgery and topographic anatomy; physiology; surgical dentistry of biological chemistry; pathological anatomy; therapeutic dentistry clinical and experimental pharmacology.
The Academy has 16 buildings on the balance sheet, of which: 5 educational buildings, 4 dormitories; an economic building, a vivarium, hangars, a library, reading rooms, a fitness center, a dining room, a cafe, a fitness camp.


- Dental Faculty;
- Faculty of Medicine (medical)
- Pediatric Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty For the Preparation of Foreign Students;
- Faculty of Postgraduate Education.
There is also a pre-university training department, a preparatory department for foreign citizens and, established on the basis of UMSA, a medical college that prepares bachelors and junior specialists.