National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine



NAU is one of the leading Ukrainian state higher educational institutions of the IV level of accreditation, provides training, retraining and education of bachelors, specialists and masters. Today, NAU is one of the world's most powerful aviation higher education institutions, where more than 25,000 students are studying, including 1000 foreign students from 45 countries of the world. The educational process is provided by highly qualified academic faculties, consisting of 45 academicians and associate members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 170 doctors of sciences, professors and more than 667 candidates of sciences, associate professors. Also, well-known specialists of airlines and industrial companies join the educational process. The faculty includes 80 honored workers of science and technology and laureates of state awards.


OCD Bachelor / Master

1) Design
2) Information, library and archival affairs
3) Philology
4) Economics
5) Psychology
6) Sociology
7) Journalism
8) Accounting and tax accounting
9) Finance, banking and insurance
10) Management
11) Marketing
12) Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities
13) Jurisprudence
14) Ecology
15) Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
16) Applied Mathematics
17) Software Development
18) Computer Science and Information Technology
19) Computer Engineering
20) Cybersecurity
21) Aircraft and Rocket Science
22) Electricity, Electrification and Electromechanics
23) Development of Electromechanics
24) Automation and Computer-Integrated Technology
25) Metrology and Information-Measuring Equipment
26) Micro and Nanosystem Equipment
27) Chemical Technology and Engineering
28) Biotechnology
29) Biomedical Engineering
30) Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
31) Avionics
32) Printing and Publishing
33) Architecture and Urban Planning
34) Construction and Civil Engineering
35) Surveying and Land Management
36) Social Work
37) Tourism
38) Civil Security
39) Air Transport
40) Aircraft Operation
41) Transport Technologies (air transport)
42) International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studios
43) International Economic Relations
44) International Law
Graduate School:
051 Economics
081 Jurisprudence
101 Ecology
122 Computer Science and Information Technology
123 Computer Engineering
125 Cybersecurity
131 Applied Mechanics
134 Aircraft and Rocket Science
135 Energetics - Mechanical Engineering
151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
192 Engineering and Civil Engineering
272 Air Transport
European North Atlantic Center for training aviation specialists in the following specialties:
- Aerial suitability of aircraft
- Flight Safety Inspector
- Aviation Security