Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine



Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine is among the most popular and best medical universities in Europe. It has 51 departments, and the educational process is carried out by 93 doctors and 231 candidates of sciences, who are professionals in their work. Among the scientists of the University are 6 academicians, 6 Honored Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, 2 Honored Workers of Higher Education of Ukraine, two laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine.
University scientists take part in the development of four scientific state programs, 56 applied works, in international multicenter studies.
In recent years, about 200 effective scientific developments, innovations, and diagnostic and treatment technologies have been transferred to practical healthcare from this university, among which are 14 positive decisions on inventions, 5 patents, of which 4 patents of Ukraine and 1 Europatent (for the test system of bioindication of radioactive pollution of the environment).
Thanks to the university, regional centers have been created and are functioning: pancreatological, pacemakers, occupational diseases, antihypertensive and diabetic clubs.
Qualified medical care for patients in the city and region is provided by university scientists in 40 specialties. About 40% of transactions in city hospitals are performed by university employees.
A specialized scientific council D 20.601.01 of three specialties successfully works at the university: cardiology, gastroenterology and dentistry. In 2010 alone, 20 theses were defended, including 3 doctoral theses. More than 70 people are working on the implementation of PhD theses and 35 - on the observance of doctoral dissertations, now 27 doctoral and candidate theses are at the planning stage.
University scientists are participants, and scientific laboratories are the base of many international and national congresses, congresses, symposia.
The university administration, together with the administration of the Ukrainian Medical Society, became the founders of the journal “Galitsky medicinal bulletin”, next to which the scientific and practical journal “Archive of Clinical Medicine” functions.
The university is the base of the student national olympiad in anatomy.
There are computer training classes, the Internet, in which the library, scientific and educational departments of the university are connected.
In student dormitories and academic groups, a mentoring system has been worked out, so that in extracurricular times, students engage in amateur art circles, a club of resourceful and inventive ones operates. Three groups of amateur performances were awarded the title of folk. The University maintains creative contacts with the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Societies, the Administration of the Ukrainian Medical Society of North America, the Lublin Medical Academy, universities in Germany, Austria, Poland, and all higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine.


Faculty of Medicine
- medical business;
- pediatrics;
- nursing.
Faculty of Dentistry
- orthopedic dentistry;
- dentistry.
Faculty of Pharmacy
- Pharmacy.
Faculty of training of foreign citizens.