International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece



The International Hellenic University (IHU) is the first state university in Greece where programs are taught exclusively in English.

The International Greek University was established in October 2005 and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. With the support of the Greek state and regional business community, IHU aims to develop as one of the leading research and scientific institutions in Europe.

IHU has a strong international teaching staff and outstanding students from Southeast Europe, the Black Sea basin and other European countries. All degrees awarded by this state university are accredited by the government and are recognized in the European Union and abroad.

The International Greek University is composed of scientists, researchers and educators who work closely with prominent invited foreign teachers.

University programs were developed by specialists with experience in developing training courses and postgraduate programs, both from Greek universities and from leading international universities.

The multicultural environment of the International Greek University is a guarantee of the exchange of ideas and cooperation between students with different cultural traditions.

IHU Postgraduate Programs

For admission to IHU postgraduate programs, applicants must have:
  1. A good diploma from a recognized university in the relevant field.
  2. Proof of English (IELTS or TOEFL).
  3. Two academic letters of recommendation.