International Center of Modern Education, Prague, Czech Republic



One of the permanent activities of the ICME University is the implementation of master's and doctoral programs of accredited foreign higher educational institutions and programs of additional professional education (professional retraining, advanced training, etc.).

Socially useful services are provided without age restrictions to Russian and Czech people. On a competitive basis, ICME offers the following specialized master's programs:

  •  General and Strategic Management,
  • Innovation Management,
  • Logistics,
  • Marketing,
  • Sociology of Management,
  • Social Psychology, etc.
The main efforts in the programs are made on the methodology for obtaining new knowledge, the project orientation of training, the study of disciplines in a global context with an understanding of the specifics of cultural, economic, and social processes in different countries.

The term of study in the magistracy is 3 years in full-time and part-time forms of education. Graduates who have successfully completed the master's program are awarded the Master's degree.

The ICME conducts continuing education courses on the basis of secondary education and provides retraining of specialists in the following areas:
  • Management. Economics and enterprise management (720 training hours);
  • Hotel industry and tourism. Hotel and tourism business management (720 training hours);
  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (400 academic hours);
  • Logistics: logistics manager (400 training hours);
  • PC operator (120 training hours);
  • Accounting and computer bookkeeping (314 training hours).
  • International management or international trade.
The courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic. It is very important that after the successful completion of the program, students receive certificates recognized not only by Czech employers, but also by the European space. Being the Russian Language Center, the university has the status of a language school with the right to organize the taking of qualification exams. The ICME also organizes other educational activities, including lecturing in research and innovation policy, jurisprudence, psychology, management and economics for the education of citizens (managers, lawyers, psychologists and other workers in the field of scientific research).