Harokopio University, Athens, Greece



University named after Harakopu is located south of the center of Athens.

The university was named after the national philanthropist Panagis Harakopu, who decided to create an educational institution with excellent modern architecture in harmony with the environment and equipment that modern science and technology can offer. By order of the Minister of Education, Panagis Harakop and Ivansiya Harakop were given the opportunity to make full use of their assets in accordance with their wishes. The building was built in 1990. In 1993, the first student enrollment was made.

The modern, stylish university building immediately captures the eye. Spacious computer rooms, cozy lecture halls and halls, attentive teachers and professors, as well as a large number of foreign students allow the student to feel free and comfortable from the very first minutes. On the university territory there are 3 laboratories: Laboratory of Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology, Laboratory of Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics, Laboratory of Chemistry-Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry of Food.

Science and Achievements:
University named after Harakopu is one of the few universities that specializes in only a few areas, thereby improving the quality of education. Programs are designed in such a way that a lot of attention is paid to both classroom and practical work in laboratories. The university often hosts international congresses and conferences with the best scientists of Europe and the world.

University named after Harakopu graduates some of the best specialists in their fields!

According to studies conducted on the basis of the number of publications of teachers and their international attractiveness, the University. Harakopu took third place among Greek Universities in international reports for each member of the faculty and fourth in international quotes for each publication.

Harakopu University is a member of the Erasmus program and has entered into partnerships with universities in Europe and America such as: Lancaster University, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, City University of London, Université Paris I, Université Paris Descartes, Université Lille 1, Lund University, Yale University, Tufts University and Harvard University.