Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovakia



Currently, Ruzomberok is an important industrial center of northern Slovakia. Despite its small size, the city boasts student status, thanks to the Catholic University. The university is not so much a church as a secular educational institution with a wide range of subjects taught at this university.

The university has been an associate since 2004, and in 2010 it became a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. The university is also a member of the European Federation of Catholics Européennes since 2007.

Catholic University of Ruzhembork
Catholic University offers tuition at four faculties:
1) philosophical,
2) pedagogical,
3) medical
4) theological.
1) Individual and interdisciplinary training programs
- English and American studios;
- philosophy;
- German studies;
- history;
- political science;
- psychology;
- religion - religious studies;
- Slovak language and literature;
- journalism.
2) Any two training programs:
-  of English language;
- philosophy;
- history;
- religious education;
- German language and literature;
- Slovak language and literature.
3) Interfacial communications with the PF - (the candidate selects one curriculum for the training program in the Federal Law of KU + 1 from the proposal of the Civil Law of KU)
- computer science;
- mathematics;
- biology;
- geography;
- chemistry;
- music education;
- religious education;
- art education;
- Italian language and literature.
All these subjects can be studied at the same time receiving a professional education and, as a result, after graduation from the university, have the opportunity to spread them.
At the Faculty of Education you can study:
- training in combination with geography, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, in Italian and literature, Russian language and literature;
- arts and education combined - religious, musical art;
- pedagogy;
- Preschool and elementary pedagogy;
- Preschool and elementary pedagogy of social angry groups;
- elementary education;
- special pedagogy and pedagogy of the mentally ill;
- medical pedagogy;
- social work;
- social work in public administration and social services;
- counseling and social communication;
- preschool pedagogy;
- management
- Economics and company management;
- Russian language and literature, Italian language and literature, physics, computer science.
Graduates of this faculty are employed by secondary school teachers.
The Faculty of Medicine offers the following areas:
- patient care - a nurse;
- physiotherapy;
- radiology - radiological technology;
- laboratory research;
- emergency medical care.
The Theological Faculty offers education in the field of religious studies and is of interest to believers of Catholic denominations