Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece



The University of Applied Arts was founded in Athens in 1843. The main goal of the University is to provide theoretical and practical education in art and to promote contemporary art and to promote the artistic perception of the public. The school organizes exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists.

The University of Applied Arts is participating in the ERASMUS educational program, which helps to increase the level of knowledge and mobility of students and faculty. It collaborates with 61 different European institutions, promotes the intensive promotion of new programs, and also organizes and participates in projects and seminars in collaboration with art organizations.

In addition, the University of Applied Arts is a member of educational and cultural organizations around the world, such as ELIA (European League of Art Institutions), EAIE (European Association for International Education), and EUA (European Association of Universities).

Every year, the University of Applied Arts takes part in events such as the Biennale, international competitions, exhibitions, educational forums, symposia and festivals.

The University has a printing house, a student and graduate support office, a public relations center, a restaurant, faculty buildings, an exhibition hall, halls for painting, graphics, sculpture, scenography, photography, multimedia, a hall for work on graphic design, mosaics, marble, metal, wood carvings, ceramics, a room for working with frescoes and icon painting.

During and after graduation, the University helps its students organize exhibitions, participate in international competitions, create a professional resume and portfolio, and also offers employment and cooperation opportunities with private or public organizations in the field of art.