Athens Agricultural University, Greece



The city of Athens is the economic, cultural and administrative center of Greece. A metropolis with ancient monuments and world-famous sights, loved by young people for its "nightlife" and shopping centers of the European level. The city captivates with its versatility! Where else is it worth getting an education, if not in the place where the culture of all mankind was born?

Athens Agricultural University is a state university in the Votanikos region, near Athens. Agrarian University is the third oldest university in Greece. Since 1920, it has made a valuable contribution to the Greek and European development of agriculture and the economy through fundamental and applied research in the field of agricultural sciences.

The university is located on 25 hectares of green territory, not far from the Acropolis, in the center of an ancient olive grove. It consists of 16 buildings, which include: auditoriums, 41 fully equipped laboratories, a modern library, computer rooms, extensive agricultural facilities (arboretum, vineyard, fields, flower garden, greenhouses, dairy plants), museums, a student center, an indoor sports hall and sports grounds.

During their studies, students attend lectures, laboratory work, organize trips and go through 4 months of practice. In teaching and practical training, innovative research is used to solve the main problems facing Greece and Europe in the twenty-first century.

The Agrarian University acts as a valuable adviser to Greek and other national organizations, as well as the European Commission and the UN on agricultural issues, and carries out extensive activities in the development of agricultural projects. The contribution of the Agrarian University helps to solve a wide range of issues related to nutrition and environmental protection, significantly affecting the daily life of Greek and European citizens: quality and food safety, conservation of water resources, agriculture, alternative energy sources, biotechnology in agriculture.

The Agricultural University of Athens is an example of continuous progress in solving environmental problems and caring for the world.