Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece



University named after Aristotle in Thessaloniki, which was founded in 1925, is now the largest university not only in Greece, but also in the Balkans. Currently, there are a total of 7 institutes, which are organized in 33 faculties, covering a wide range of scientific fields. More than 100,000 students, teachers and staff work for the benefit of the development of science in various categories. A huge number of young scientists are involved in research programs of national and global scale.

The University hosts a vibrant and eventful cultural and sporting life. Library of the University of Aristotle is one of the largest libraries on the Balkan Peninsula and is the second largest Greek library, immediately after the National Library. The Department of Physical Culture and Sports offers a lot of opportunities for the implementation of students' athletic abilities.

University named after Aristotle signed 592 active bilateral student and teacher exchange agreements, scientific cooperation agreements with more than 100 Universities and Higher Educational Establishments in Europe, the Balkans, Russia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Latin America, the Near, Middle and Far East.

The university takes part in 48 research networks, implements more than 1,400 national, European and international research projects every year and works closely with many universities, research institutes and companies, both in Greece and abroad.