Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Poland



The Academy. Andrzej Frycz Modziewski was founded in Krakow in 2000 on January 27 by a decision of the Minister of National Education and Sports of Poland. The Academy received the status of a Higher Educational Institution and was included in the list of non-state higher educational establishments of Krakow.
The Krakow Academy of Modzowski is considered to be the most popular university not only in Poland but also in Ukraine, and holds the leading position in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship in the number of students (17 thousand!) And 2nd place among the Polish universities.
The teaching staff of the Modziewski Academy consists of 1,100 highly qualified teachers. By structure, the Academy has 9 faculties, 26 fields and 62 specialties.
There are a wide selection of faculties in the Modzewski Academy in different specialties - law, psychology, political science, sociology, tourism, informatics, social relations, economics, management, as well as pedagogy, cultural studies, family sciences, security sciences, painting, applied graphics, architecture, nursing, rescue medicine, cosmetology, etc. Studying at the Academy. Modzowski is available in two languages: Polish and English.
Dear entrants!
We draw your attention to the fact that a there is a prerequisite for admission to the Academy, according to a decree from the Senate of the Academy them. A.F. Modzhevsky dated 14.11.2018 is the presence of a Certificate, which confirms the successful passing of the Polish language examination at the level of at least B1.  Be very careful! The Academy does not accept all certificates.
Pre-registration is required. We are pleased to announce that any candidate can contact us and, after agreeing the date and time, take the exam. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants who are always happy to help!

Film and TV Production Management:
Are you interested in film or television? Would you like to be a member of a film or TV production crew instead of being a viewer? If so, then this course is for you!
You will acquire wide knowledge on film and television. You will get to know the duties of the film crew members, as well as learn the stages of film and television production. Starting from the script, through the shooting period up to the post production.
The studies last three years, 6 semesters, end with a diploma exam and the defence of a BA thesis. For each semester, the student should receive 30 ECTS points. The study program includes the following modules: basic knowledge, specific knowledge and practical skills. The students have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects. A group of practical subjects includes TV Production I and II workshops as well as Film Production I and II workshops. Workshops and tutorials are run by practitioners from the film and television industry. The program also includes a mandatory 6-month practice (Vocational Training Practice).


Mandatory one-time payment:
  • Registration fee, (one-time payment)
  • Entry fee
  • Introductory contribution to the Faculty of Architecture
Duration of study: 3 years (6 semesters)

Faculty of Architecture and Arts
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Medical Rescue Service
Faculty of Security Sciences
National security
Internal security
Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations
International peels
Tourism and recreation
Faculty of Management and Public Relations
Informatics and econometrics
Organization of television, video production
Finance and accounting
Faculty of Psychology and Humanities
English Philology
- English in Business
- English / Polish and Polish / English Translation
Faculty of Pedagogy
 Resocialization pedagogy with elements of criminology
 Creative specialist in social business activities