Aegean University, Lesbos, Greece



Lesbos (Mytilene) is an island for a beautiful and relaxing holiday. It is a game of colors, smells and sounds. An island worth visiting!

It is the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia, with a population of 10,000 inhabitants. The island is dressed in the greenery of pines, olive trees and oaks. The island has many museums, monasteries, churches, castles that will leave an indelible impression on your memory. Mytilene port is connected by ferries to the islands of Lemnos and Chios and the Turkish city of Ayvalik. From the port of Mitilen, ships also go to Piraeus and Thessaloniki. Mytilene is an island of harmony and beauty.

Here is the main building of the Aegean University. The university was founded in 1984 with the aim of introducing new approaches to higher education in Greece and around the world. Located on 6 picturesque islands of the Aegean archipelago (Mytilene Island, Chios Island, Syros Island, Samos Island, Rhodes Island, Limnos Island), the Aegean University offers students a unique nature, culture and human environment for modern studies in ancient the cradle of knowledge.

Science and Achievements:
In less than thirty years, the Aegean University has grown into an international research laboratory . For study, the university offers master's, bachelor's and postgraduate programs in modern interdisciplinary subject areas, such as the environment, communication systems, computer science, product design, nutrition and food sciences, design, Mediterranean studies. Over 15500 students study here!

From the first days of opening, the University introduced full and open access to information and communication technologies and information about academic and administrative operations. It is the first Greek university to be able to fully integrate information and communication technologies in everyday practice. An electronic “ Research and Development Portal ” has been created here. Important research and innovation results have made the University a dynamic and competitive institution at the national and international level with a strong social and economic side.

The university is an active member of the European Association of Universities ( EUA ), a founding partner of the KREMO network , a member of the EMUNI program , a partner in many academic and research networks, and a member of more than 210 bilateral Erasmus agreements.

The Aegean University has received excellent reviews and a high reputation at the national, European and international level for the level of education provided by the institution and its competitive research programs.