"Advance" Education Center, Kielce, Poland



  • Education Center "Advance" - International schools for youth and adults in Kielce
  • The mission of the international school is to educate, educate and prepare for further studies or work in Poland and the European Union.
  • The school provides:

- admission to study at a technical school with a term of study of 4 years and a general lyceum with a term of study of 3 years after the provision of a certificate of completion of the 9th grade

- accommodation and meals in a school dormitory (monthly cost of about 100-130 euros)

We offer training in a comprehensive lyceum or technical school after grade 10 (9).

General lyceum (with a term of study of 3 years after the 10th grade)

Technical College

Study time:
4 years

College graduates have the following options:

- work in professions in great demand (after receiving the international professional diploma Europass)

- Higher education at universities in Poland and abroad (certificate of completion of secondary full education is required)

Each student of our school after completion of classes can take part in various extracurricular activities. He can do fitness, training in the gym or other types of activities. In addition, there is a TV room and a billiard room. Teachers lead clubs: theater, food, singing and dance.

Professional courses:

Any student of a technical school or vocational school can take part in the project and take one of the courses for free!

Our free courses:

Driver's License Cat. B, Backhoe Loader Operator, Forklift Operator, Sales Representative, Waiter / Bartender, Welder and more.

Internships abroad:

The school organizes foreign internships in the UK, Italy, Ireland and Spain for students of our schools in various professions - cook, hairdresser, mechanic, builder, hotel owner, etc. Traveling is a three-week professional practice, for which the student receives an attractive reward


General lyceum (with a term of study of 3 years after the 10th grade)

- General profile - prepares for study at pedagogical and technical universities

- Medical, cosmetic profile - an expanded program for teaching biology, chemistry and English. The study of these subjects takes place in special medical and cosmetic laboratories belonging to the school. Part of the classes will be in English. After completing a medical and cosmetic profile, graduates will be ready to study at a university in such faculties as medicine, cosmetology, patient care, and physiotherapy.

Technical College

Study time: 4 years

  • Technician informatics
  • Technician hotel manager (Hotel and restaurant business)
  • Tourist service technician
  • Landscape Architecture Technician (Landscape Designer)
  • Hairdresser technician
  • Food Technician and Gastronomy Service
  • Automotive technician (mechanic)
  • Logistics technician
  • Technician vet
  • Technician builder
  • Technik fashion designer
  • Technician economist
  • Advertising Technician